Game Guardian complete tutorial 2016/How to use Game Guardian


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How to use Game Guardian on Android. And how to hack games with it.
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The apps links are here:
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Download links~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
◉ SimCity Buildit ▷▶
◉ Lucky Patcher ▷▶ (website)
◉ Game Guardian ▷▶ (website)

~~~~~~~~▼Android apk links (Google drive)▼~~~~~~~~

◉ Freedom app ▷▶ (latest version)
◉ Lucky Patcher ▷▶ (latest version)
◉ Game Guardian ▷▶ (latest…

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36 thoughts on “Game Guardian complete tutorial 2016/How to use Game Guardian

  1. hey , when i open it to find simcity in select applications i don't find it anywhere
    i only find an unuseful applications
    where do i find it ?? please answer me …. thank you

  2. you can no longer play simcity build it on bluestacks…the new update has rendered it incompatible. unless you know how to get around this i'm lost. everything else is straight forward.

  3. Great vid! Can you try to find a way to hack pokemon go with game guardian? Doesnt matter if its used to get higher lvl, more coins, or anything. I tried doing it myself but i still dont get how to, im trying it on bluestacks 2 (Windows 10) and idk f thats why i cant. I tried to root my phone but it got bricked. Luckily, there was a method to brick bluestack apps instead of my whole computer.

  4. I love game guardian. Easy to use and effective. May i ask how to hack the legend of the moon level? Or how to cheat the level of role playing games like fantasy heroes or legend of the moon.i want to finish the game quickly thanks.

  5. hi i cannot see he floating icon and in your tutorial i cannot see how you can get from the 1st menu screen starting with "'this app can be downloaded from:"' also i cannot acces the app settings( i have only verification, exit, donate, and start and if i want to start it with the start button its write me: "blocked gameguardian from showing the dropzone.'' any idea?

  6. in order to download gamegaurdian to my computer it needs to be rooted? when i download it gives a little icon of a blank page instead of the application setup thing like it usually does if you downloaded some sort of app. when i click it the message says "windows cannot open file. what do you want to do?" then gives me the option to search the web for help or pick a program to open it. i have no clue whats goin on lol

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