Shotcut Tutorial: HTML5


Shotcut is a free, cross-platform, open source video editor:

Shows how to use HTML5 web pages in a video composition in 3 ways: as a “shot,” as a filter overlay over video, or as a custom filter with parameters. Currently, this feature is for Linux and Mac OS X only.

11 thoughts on “Shotcut Tutorial: HTML5

  1. Thank you! I use you video editor on all my videos. If you have a time, please can I ask? Can you do gate audio effect and MASks for in Sony Vegas

     I want to shot tutorial someday for Shotcut for Russian people.

  2. why are some options not available for Windows?
    Is it possible to play a video backwards?
    How about a split screen tut video?
    SHOTCUT is a very nice tool, unfortunately deficiencies regarding stability, although I'm using the new version and got a powerful pc

  3. Thanks to Shotcut's overlay HTML filter and multi-track timeline feature, I am able to create a custom HTML5 movie credit before the end of my video. The movie credit effect is excellently done by Oliver Knoblich on website Make sure to use -webkit-animation instead of animation and @-webkit-keyframes instead of @keyframes in CSS styling.

  4. I came here looking for a video editor made in html5 and found shotcut which is very impressive good job! I do like this ability to put the html and javascript right into the edit that is very cool and very useful I am going to download and try it out! I still wonder about editing in the browser though because the other options are not very good yet and I wonder your shotcut could more or less somehow be ported at least in function to javascript. I'm a video editor not a programmer so pardon my ignorance but perhaps you could explain a bit about what it would take and what the challenges would be. Also maybe you understand better than me why it is not done already if there are some reasons it is not a good idea.

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