SOLIDWORKS Quick Tip – Calculating Volume


Learn some of the less-used but extremely powerful capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. Included demonstrations will utilize the power of: a particle study, rotating reference frames and a parametric analysis. Product Webinar video presented by Andrew Gross of GoEngineer.

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21 thoughts on “SOLIDWORKS Quick Tip – Calculating Volume

  1. I am currently having an issue trying to find the amount of gallons/volume of a square with a specific wall but it states that you must have a solid form in order to use combine. Any way to work around?

  2. its not accurate internal volume either. to do it my way you have to use a Sub-d modeling plugin for solidworks. mass properties before shell, minus mass properties after shell. 231 cubic inches = a gallon.. simple. 

  3. I'm guessing you have multiple openings on your part, that's the issue I ran into. The inner volume must be completely contained, so creating more extrusions to cover them should fix the problem. 

  4. I design Plastic Bottles on a daily basis, and I would not reccomend this proceedure. it's good to get a baseline, but it is not accurate. In Blow Molding, you have uneven wall distibution and this assumes even wall distibution and you could be calculating the wrong volume. I do it based on gram weight and cubic inch of the entire part. 

  5. Awesome, fast tutorial. For my Solidworks class we need to design a propane tank. To do this, I needed to calculate the volume of my model and had no idea how to do so until I saw this. Thanks, so much!

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